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Beauty & Inspiration in Cambodia.

I took a bit of a break from blogging as we traveled through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand again. My development education took a lot of my attention and I just didn't have the motivation to write about our experiences. That being said, we've had some awesome experiences ... read more :)

Vietnam is ok - Part 2 .

If you caught our last post, Vietnam Is Ok, you've already read about our time in Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hoi An and Hon Chong (a suburb of Nha Trang). With a lifestyle of walks on the beach, caramel macchiatos and sushi almost daily, I'll happily admit that Hon Chong was our favorite thus far. It's no wonder Russian tourism is so big there. Seriously, even the locals spoke to us in Russian. After that, we headed for Dalat... read more :)

Vietnam is ok.

I’d hate to add to the hype I’ve seen about this being a fantastic place for digital nomads, makers, bloggers and the rest of those who make their living while traveling. I also wouldn’t say that it was our least favorite country thus far. We were in Vietnam for three months and I feel that’s long enough for me to say, with confidence, that Vietnam is just ok... read more :)

Bali is a 4-letter word.

Northern Thailand during rainy season was nice and quiet, but after that - a sunny island with coconuts and beaches is just what we needed. We decided to go to the next most basic digital nomad spot we could find - Canggu, Bali! I’ve read several articles lately hating on Bali for it’s overpopulation, crowded co-working spaces and rising cost of living. While all of these things are true, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Bali for three main reasons... read more :)

Becoming a digital nomad.

Welcome to an exhaustive post on becoming a digital nomad! It's long; really. Although this post is a little different for me (more instructional than personal) I've had a great time reflecting back on the past two months in Chiang Mai. If you stumbled upon this blog and are wondering who I am, I'm Erik and my wife and I recently fled complacency to travel the world while we work and learn remotely - 10/10 recommend... read more :)

Down the rabbit hole.

We’ve been gone over a month now, and it’s been one of the greatest months of our lives together. While we miss our friends and families, it’s impossible to ignore how free we feel from the everyday distractions that stem from living and working in the same area for your entire life. All of the community events, meet ups, coffee with whoever…when you live 14hrs in the future, you barely even keep in contact with the people you know and love. It’s hard, but it’s exactly what we needed... read more :)

Change of plans.

Ok, so we originally thought we’d be spending the first few months of our journey on a beach on a small island in Southern Thailand, but about a week before our trip, we decided to acclimate ourselves to this new chapter of life without the distractions of living on a beach - hence, Chiang Mai! The leaping off point for digital nomads everywhere! It’s also touted as the most inexpensive place to live in Southeast Asia so it wasn’t all bad that we’d already bought our tickets to Bangkok... read more :)

The voyage.

Have you ever left your family, your friends, your dog, sold most of your possessions and moved halfway around the world? Yeah, we hadn’t either. I’ll get to how we did it in a later post, but to say that it’s a big change is a bit of an understatement. 

We decided not to have a going away party. Since we made the decision to leave less than three months ago, it seemed like a better idea to spend some solid one-on-one time with close friends and family. I don’t think we would have done it this way if we knew how taxing it would be on us, mentally... read more :)

Ok, bye.

Have you ever checked out Facebook's "On This Day" feature? Neat, isn't it?

If you're anything like us, you look at it, occasionally, and go: "Where the h-e-double-toothpicks did the past 5 years go?!?!". Well, our last 5+ years have been a whirlwind of startup nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, valuable lessons were learned around every corner, but much of the meet-up, fake it till you make it, buzzword infested b.s. was just that. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that we decided to take a step back and look at how we spent a lot of our time... read more :)

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