About Erik

My teams and I have completed special projects for hundreds of traders, funds, financial technology and property technology companies; even exchanges who want to better manage their time with simple automations and scalable solutions.

These include:

• Tools that create watchlists by automating various types of fundamental analysis, involving everything from API calls & scrapers to sentiment, keyword and visual quarterly statement analysis.

• Systems that use Technical Analysis (TA) and Robotic Process Automations (RPA) to ping our clients on What's App, Telegram, Email or Google Sheets every time their strategies are triggered.

• Monitoring systems for localized crypto transactions and their corresponding fiat currencies, as an early indicator to support marketing and arbitrage efforts.

Most recently, we built a tool that allows retail traders to execute trades across multiple exchanges - from their wearable devices.

Whatever your need, my teams and I can dream it AND do it.

We have the network and acumen to architect, organize and oversee projects of all shapes and sizes. You will not be disappointed by our results.

For startups in a tight spot -

I’ve been where you are, and it’s where I thrive. I've helped dozens of startups achieve success quickly & efficiently to get them back on track and meet their objectives.

Example: I once helped a startup scale nationally (USA) within 6-months - with $0 in additional ad spend.

Reach out today to see if I can quarterback something special for you.

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