I đź–¤ Research

Data And Details

For 7-years, I worked with teams of neurologists and other healthcare professionals doing clinical research on sleep and nootropics.

From pattern recognition on 30-second charts, to the organized nature of the medical industry, the sequential reasoning skills and documentation habits I developed here have immensely improved my life.

I đź–¤ Automation

I code My Own Robots

In 2013, a small team of hustlers and I set out to upset a $58bn industry with A.I.

We quickly grew out of control and had to automate the majority of our daily tasks - just to stay afloat.

I went on to take over 1,000 course-hours on everything from data analysis to robotic process automation in order to be a full-stack developer & more effective communicator with my distributed teams.


We make beautiful things

Focus infographic venture business model canvas gamification ecosystem. Business plan gamification user experience low hanging fruit twitter. Metrics research & development market paradigm shift growth hacking.


In an effort to keep friends and followers updated beyond the social media channels I rarely post on, I started writing about my journey and experiences after leaving America. If you would like me to write about something, reach out.

Beauty And Inspiration In Cambodia

I took a bit of a break from blogging as we traveled through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand again. And now that we're back in Bali, my development education took a lot of my attention and I just didn't find the motivation to write about our experiences. That being said, we've had some awesome experiences! Expect to hear a bit about our time in Cambodia in this post, and I'll be writing one soon about why I believe Bali is the new land of opportunity, if you can stay focused...

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Vietnam Is Ok - Part 2

If you caught our last post, Vietnam Is Ok, you've already read about our time in Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hoi An, and Hon Chong (a suburb of Nha Trang). With a lifestyle of walks on the beach, caramel macchiatos, and sushi almost daily, I'll happily admit that Hon Chong was our favorite thus far...

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Vietnam Is Ok - Part 1

I'd hate to add to the hype I’ve seen about Vietnam being a fantastic place for digital nomads, makers, bloggers, and the rest of those who make their living out of a suitcase. I also wouldn’t say that it was my least favorite place thus far. My wife (Trista) and I were in Vietnam for three months, and feel that’s long enough to say, with confidence, that Vietnam is just ok...

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Bali For The Win

One of the nicest things about traveling is how few distractions you have. Sure, you can fill your time with Netflix if you want to, same as anywhere, but if you consciously decide to stop wasting time and focus on the things that really matter (physical, mental and spiritual growth) it’s amazing what you can accomplish...

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How To Run Away From Home

It was so hard for us to find an inclusive guide while we were trying to figure out what to bring, where to go, and what to do when we got there, that we decided to put one together...

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