Wedding Nook

"Wedding Nook is like the Airbnb of Wedding Planning Online"
Jessica Bishop - Founder of The Budget Savvy Bride

Wedding Nook was designed to put the power of a wedding planner in every couple's pocket. Couples can plan in a way that's never been possible and our Vendors are saving over $80/mo on average when they make the switch. Over 10% of marrying couples used our site, in every area we serviced, within 10 months of launching our beta. Now we're live and it's growing like never before. 


My Team

We're a bunch of dreamers with nothing to lose

I started building a team of entrepreneurs in 2014. My hope was to create a team that liked working together, loved big ideas and had the skills required to execute. Our first project is the disruption of a $300b industry and it’s going well.


My Life

It's pretty much business and boardsports

Every day, I strive to do more than I did the day before. On day’s that’s impossible, I rest. This is a hard life, but I am fortunate enough to have a wife who loves me more than anything, a team who works as hard as, and sometimes harder than, I do and a company that's making one hell of a splash.


American Dream Sleep Center

ADSC was a medical center focused on helping patients optimize their sleep to promote healthier lives. ACA killed the private industry, but all of our investors got their money back.

Rowe Neurology Institute

I worked with a team of Neurologists and other healthcare professionals on clinical studies and research projects. One of these projects was the for the "smart drug" Nuvigil.

Big Babe

Two of my closest friends wanted to start a cigar company. I helped them get to launch and took a back seat as an advisor. If you like cigars, try a Big Babe.

“Erik Hayton is the definition of an entrepreneur…exceptional work ethic and sense of humor.”
Dr. Karim Eissa

“Erik is one of the most persistent entrepreneurs I’ve ever known. Nothing can keep him from achieving his goals”
John Solamito - Investor


We make beautiful things

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